OUr Building practices are powered by technology.

GMH delivers a range of tried and true services to meet the needs of the dynamic marketplace. From detailed cost estimates and value engineering to preconstruction meetings and scheduling that ensure projects get off to the right start and according to defined milestones, clients find GMH professionals are reliable and true to their core services offering. These work practices provide a strong foundation for the latest technologies transforming built world. From 3D coordination to laser scanning, GMH Builders supports the level of detail required by the client. 

  • Planning and Preconstruction We offer a full suite of planning and preconstruction services including cost estimating services from conceptual budgeting through construction documentation. These services can include assistance with entitlement, constructibility analysis, value engineering, cash flow analysis and scheduling.  From the outset, we focus on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation and ongoing review of costs to ensure clients make educated decisions towards their final plan.  

  • Value Engineering We provide engineering ideas on building components, methods and systems and suggest alternative equal functions at a lesser cost, are our primary functions during preconstruction. This will identify opportunities within the design to reduce cost, shorten schedule, or improve quality. The analysis will include savings over the life cycle of the building not just for the construction phase.

  • General Contracting We provide general contracting services to exceptional clients in the North Bay. A majority of our work is negotiated and performed under a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) project delivery method. This provides for a collaborative, open book process which allows projects to get started sooner, while minimizing the client's risk of cost overruns and project savings are returned to the client. 

  • Safety Our goal is to have zero injuries. We maintain a safe work environment for all of our employees and subcontractors through leadership, planning, procedures, training, accountability and consistent interaction. Injuries are preventable. Running a safe jobsite is essential to the success of a project and in turn, our own success. 

  • Quality From ensuring submittals are complete, correct, and in compliance with the contract documents to continually reviewing the quality of the installed work with the construction team, GMH Builders will produce a quality product for our client.


Delivery methods performed under the highest industry standards.

GMH Builders will work with you to choose the best delivery method for your project. Every project is different, and we want your project to succeed. Our construction management services ensure your project is performed under the highest industry standards.

We are committed to the environment.

GMH Builders are stewards of the environment. Our teams build sustainable projects while maintaining competitive costs when compared to traditional construction methods. We assist our clients in evaluating the green construction methods and identify opportunities for long term cost savings. GMH Builders provides the following services:

  • Provide life cycle analysis of sustainable products and building systems.

  • Provide payback studies for smart building systems

  • Provide detailed cost analysis of LEED points during construction.

  • Include LEED requirements in the Instructions to Bidders.

  • Manage Construction Phase LEED Documentation.

  • Engage indoor air quality procedures during construction.

  • Plan and execute California’s latest CalGreen requirements.