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GMH Builders

GMH Builders Inc. is a Sonoma based general contractor focused on commercial, hospitality, tenant improvement, healthcare, multi-family and estate residential construction.  We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service, maintaining budgets, schedules and quality to ensure client satisfaction . We excel at projects which are too complex for many small construction firms, yet are too small for larger firms to be both competitive and warrant their most talented staff.



We’re high-service, technical builders.

GMH Builders was conceived to serve the construction management and general contracting needs of Northern California communities. Our goal is to build projects leading to positive community growth, create and maintain positive local connections with businesses and individuals, and exceed the expectations of those we work for and with on each project. Our range of services can be scaled to handle jobs like tenant improvements and renovations as well as offer continuity of service for our larger projects. To that end we put our effort into continuous improvement of our people, processes, and technologies.  Building for Life. 



We are rewarded by our projects.

GMH Builders delivers a range of services to effectively support projects of all sizes. Each project provides us with a unique adventure – each building can change lives – lives of the users during the life of the facility, and lives of the project team bringing a project through to the finish line. We find our projects to be rewarding long after we’ve completed construction.   



We deliver reliable building practices powered by technology.

GMH Builders delivers a range of tried and true services to meet the needs of the dynamic marketplace. Our professionals are reliable and true to their core services offering. Our work practices are the foundation for the latest technologies transforming the built world.  From preconstruction schematic feasibility studies, to budgeting, phasing and sequencing input, estimating and scheduling, life-cycle cost studies, we provide services you need to meet your project objectives. 



We’re an experienced team under a new roof.

GHM Builders is a young company, but our team is experienced.  With every project we are awarded, our clients experience a team of dedicated people who know how to work in fast-paced environments, cut through red tape, and push to help make decisions that keep our client’s projects moving. Our co-founders continue to pave way with over 60 years of experience and over $500 million in construction work directly managed.   


“I fully enjoy experiencing, visiting or driving by projects I have been a part of, thinking of the names and the faces of those involved, and feeling the collective energy behind all of the years of hard work that developing a project takes today.”

Seth Maze, GMH Builders Co-Founder and CEO


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