St. Rose School - Reoccupation & Classroom Wing Rebuild

St. Rose School - Reoccupation & Classroom Wing Rebuild

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Located in Santa Rosa, the St. Rose Fire Reoccupation and Classroom Wing Rebuild entailed the construction of a school lost in the Tubbs Fire on October 2017. Brought on board just days after the loss, the team immediately orchestrated a move to a temporary campus in Santa Rosa.  Soon after, the team set their sights on mitigating the fire and water damage to the existing school campus. Over $2.6 million dollars of the work performed was completed within 8 weeks’ time, which included the complete remediation of the smoke and water damage, replacement of all interior finishes, and repainting of the entire interior and exterior. Students returned to the main school 3 months after the fire.

The Classroom Wing Rebuild required planning and implementation of measures to ensure minimal disruption to the newly occupied school post-fire. Work included the construction of a new classroom wing, PG&E Service upgrade, new solar lunch structure, two new age apocopate playgrounds, blacktop resurfacing, replacement of basketball standards, ADA upgrades, and parking lot resurfacing. The school also took advantage of the opportunity and upgraded the entire school’s HVAC system. The classrooms were completed and re-opened just in time for the new school year.


  • Fast Track, Project Designed, Permitted/ Completed within 13 months after the fire.

  • Multi-Phased Re-Occupation.

  • Project was on campus of an active school.

  • Playgrounds

  • Solar Lunch Structure