Building for Life

GMH Invites You to Building for Life

Building for Life is a smart, community-focused publication dedicated to the built environment. Each story explores the many ways buildings can deliver a better life. GMH is mindful of the impact buildings have on our community.  Whether we are refreshing a hospital space or rebuilding a school destroyed by firestorm, Building for Life shares the stories about the projects that touch your life.

Gain a Perspective on the Project Experience

Building for Life is a publication for architects, engineers, designers, craftspeople, and anyone interested in a builder’s perspective.  Every project is an enriching experience. It is a moment in time when a series of teams are uniquely selected to come together and set forth on designing and building a space unlike any other that will ultimately become a hospital, school, winery, brewery, office, laboratory, clean room, or home.

We want to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with our readers.

Get the Story Behind the Building

From best practices to project case studies, we provide the background behind the buildings in our community. Do you want to know the story behind your hospital, local gym, kid’s school, or favorite brewery?  Every building has a story tell.  A building can be the outcome of an entrepreneurial dream or rebirth from disaster. The story behind each building is a fascinating tale.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the projects that make up our great community.